24 - Fu - Obsession

Avoid force. Issues come and go. You want the best. Look out for your friends. You know what to do. Everything comes in cycles. Wait it out. Start scheming.

Line 12 / Empowerment
Turn back before you go too far. Don't worry, this is not a mistake. Claim your greatest reward.

Line 219 / Responsibility
You are able to resist temptation. Claim your reward.

Line 336 / Doubt
You know what to do.

Line 451 / Shock
You have to resist temptation.

Line 53 / Awakening
It is genuine passion. Don't worry.

Line 627 / Dependency
Release something. Instability on the horizon. Are you being influenced? It will defeat you. Whoever leads the obsession will lose. It will be an eternity before the obsession returns.