3 - Zhun - Character Creation

Find a basic idea. Good deeds don't require force. Tell your story. Take things seriously. Make a difference. Seek out support.

Line 18 / Anarchy
The world needs you. Press pause. Start by being faithful to your story. Start reaching out.

Line 260 / Binding
The world needs art. Challengers are approaching. Discover your power, but don't move yet. Focus on collaboration. Anxiety is holding you back. It is the final opponent.

Line 363 / The End.
You are lost in the dark, following your dreams without a guide. Humanity tells you when to stop. Make a move and let go.

Line 417 / Level Up
You are growing your power. Establish equality, then make a move. Claim your reward. You don't need strategy.

Line 524 / Obsession
Your story is starting. Keep up a routine and claim your reward. Speak about important matters and lies.

Line 642 / Development
A chapter is coming to an end. Be ready for change.