51 - Zhen - Transgression

Act without force. Shock the people. Banish with laughter. Shock travels far. Keep your cool.

Line 116 / Joy
Alarm requires transgression. Banish evil with laughter. You are being rewarded.

Line 254 / Reunion
Transgression turns into alarm. Face the truth. You will lose many important things. Try to escape and you'll get carried away. Do not force a return. After a while, important things will return on their own.

Line 355 / Rest
Transgression creates alarm. Your spirit is drained. Connect to what is draining you.

Line 424 / Obsession
Transgression acts through alarm. You are stuck.

Line 517 / Level Up
Transgression brings alarm. You're undecided. Face the truth, you won't lose much. Something is about to happen.

Line 621 / Justice
Alarm turns into transgression. You are shook to the core. Be careful not to act blindly, it will affect others. Are you doing all you can? Are you ready to face the consequences?