2 - Kun - Empowerment

Good deeds don't require force.

Can you create a solid story?

Plot out your ideals

Even if you don't know how to achieve them.

Follow the plot to find enlightenment.

Through your words

You find others.

Through staying silent

You lose others.

All is well.

Line 124 / Obsession
Take a leap of faith, support will come.

Line 27 / Companionship
Be straightforward, direct, and appreciative. You know everything you need to know. You won't fail.

Line 315 / Humbleness
Hide your awareness. Tell your own story. Are you doing someone else's work? Don't draw attention to yourself, and see things through to the end.

Line 416 / Joy
Tie up loose ends. You know what to do, don't make a fuss.

Line 58 / Anarchy
You know what is right. Claim a great reward.

Line 623 / The Fall
A chapter is closing. Get ready to change.

All lines changing/No lines changing1 / Power
There's magic in telling your story.