47 - Kun - Exhaustion

Avoid force. Tell your story. Humanity claims a reward. You know what to do. Words are not believed.

Line 158 / Etiquette
Worn down by life, you enter a deep forest. It will take you a long time to come back out.

Line 245 / Integration
You are exhausted, and people keep pushing you. Start using their force against them. Make a move and face release. You know what to do.

Line 328 / Temptation
You carry a heavy burden in an uncomfortable position. Release it. The end is near.

Line 429 / Panic
Come out, come out, wherever you are. Child of welfare. Face the truth. The end is near.

Line 540 / Separation
Used up by insufficiency and excess, exhausted by people. Bit by bit, rediscover joy. Use it to create.

Line 66 / Questioning
Exhausted from worry, fear, and confusion. Tell yourself that making your move will bring anxiety. Do you mean it? Claim your reward.