6 - Song - Questioning

Be honest and sincere. Truth is blocked, be careful. Investigate and claim your reward. Don't let things get out of hand. Seek out guidance, and avoid danger.

Line 110 / Duty
Don't drag it out. Short debates bring rewards.

Line 212 / Problems
You're not strong enough for this fight. Gather yourself and escape. Your opponent is too strong.

Line 344 / Misunderstanding
People have always tried to figure things out. Tell your part of the story and face the truth. Claim your reward. Are you working for someone else? Don't let others know.

Line 459 / Home
Don't fight. Return to your truth. Change your opinion and find peace. Tell your story and claim your reward.

Line 564 / The Epilogue
Deal with the current fight. Claim your greatest reward.

Line 647 / Depression
Getting in deep. False rewards vanish in the morning.