29 - Kan - Panic

Intense fear. Be honest and sincere. Rely on your heart and mind. Avoid force, and your actions will be honoured.

Line 160 / Binding
You are intensely afraid. You are getting lost in its depths.

Line 28 / Anarchy
Panic shows you the truth. Start small. You got this.

Line 348 / Love
Panic is everywhere. Wait for truth, you are already lost. Do not struggle.

Line 447 / Depression
Everyone feels this. You don't have enough resources. Once you realise that, you'll know what to do.

Line 57 / Companionship
Darkness is everywhere. It cannot take over. Take on as much as you can handle. You know what to do.

Line 659 / Exhale
You are tied up and trapped. Life goes on. Let go of something.