42 - Yi - Development

Start scheming. Start facing the truth.

Line 120 / Awareness
Start a big project. Claim your great reward. You know what to do.

Line 261 / Inner Truth
Are you developing something? Don't ignore meaningful gifts. Stay faithful to your story and claim your reward. Share a piece of your soul. Claim your reward.

Line 337 / Family
Growing. Engage with misfortune. You know what to do. Be sincere and truthful, do what's right, and serve your ideals.

Line 425 / Honesty
Act in the name of your ideals. As a consequence, the ideal develops. This is how you shift paradigms.

Line 527 / Trust
Be honest and sincere, to benefit humanity. Don't ask. Claim your great reward. By being honest and sincere, I gain humanity.

Line 63 / Awakening
Technology is developing. It's not growth, it's an attack. Don't lose heart.