38 - Kui - Disagreement

Insist on your routine.

Line 164 / Epilogue
Don't stress. It's not worth the fight. Time brings truth. Study evil people. You know what to do.

Line 221 / Justice
Secure your space. You know what to do.

Line 314 / Achievement Unlocked
You are being pulled apart. This is a very bad situation. Just wait, you'll come together.

Line 441 / Editing
You are isolated. Meet your opponent. Both of you are sincere and honest. Face the truth. You know what to do.

Line 510 / Duty
Don't stress. Support from the group eases conflict. Make your move, it is not a mistake.

Line 654 / Reunion
You are isolated. Insecure. Nervous. Ready to attack, then hesitating. The enemy carries hope. Make your move, the rain will cleanse you. You can claim your reward.