4 - Meng - Start

Avoid force. The oracle does not seek the chosen ones, the chosen ones seek the oracle. Ask me once, I give you truth. Ask again, I call your bluff. Tell your story.

Line 141 / Editing
It begins with a start. Teachers set examples. You are restrained. Make your move and let go.

Line 223 / The Fall
Start at the beginning. Be kind to others and claim your reward. Make friends with the inexperienced and claim your reward. Respond according to the situation.

Line 318 / Transformation
Start a beginning. Don't collaborate with the selfish. They are fickle in the face of beauty. There is no plan.

Line 464 / Epilogue
Start a new beginning. Stop restraining your innocence.

Line 559 / Lies
You are growing kinder. Claim your reward.

Line 67 / Companionship
Call out the selfish, but don't treat them as enemies. Prevent them from doing more harm.