43 - Guai - Epiphany

Declare your truth. Righteous anger. Face the truth. Tell your people. Stop using force. Start making plans.

Line 128 / Temptation
Make a move towards your opponent. Do you know what you are doing?

Line 249 / Revolution
You are paying attention. You are speaking the truth in the midst of darkness. Evil forces have gathered. Fear not.

Line 358 / Dancing
You are being too obvious. Breathe. You know you are human. Sorrow pursues lonely people. Don't go mad. You know what to do.

Line 45 / Resources
You are unsettled. Make your move, it will bring distress. Tame yourself. Anxiety vanishes. You can barely believe my words.

Line 534 / Personal Power
Encountering evil after evil. Do what's right. You know your strength.

Line 61 / Power
No one listens to your raging. Exhale.