53 - Jian - Growing Up

Teaming up. Claim your reward. Start telling your story.

Line 137 / Family
Slowly growing up. The student faces truth. People talk, but without blame.

Line 257 / Recovery
Growing up. Stretch your wings. Eat, drink, and be merry. Claim your reward.

Line 320 / Awareness
Growing up. Almost there. Your mate leaves, and does not return. You carry his love, but can't show it. Face release. Start fighting off distractions.

Line 433 / Healing
Growing up. Do you feel safe? You know what to do.

Line 552 / Discipline
Growing up. Show yourself. This opportunity won't appear again for a long time. No one else can do this. Claim your reward.

Line 639 / Plot Development
Growing up. Soaring high. You are divine. Claim your reward.