34 - Da Zhuang - Personal Power

Tell your story.

Line 132 / Collaboration
Your power isn't strong enough. Make your move and face the exorcism. Be honest in mind and sincere in heart.

Line 255 / Rest
Tell your story and claim your reward.

Line 354 / Reunion
You want to use force, but your reputation won't allow it. Tell your story and face the truth. Stop running wild and doing damage.

Line 411 / Power Up
Tell your story and claim your reward. Anxiety vanishes. Obstructions fall apart. Restrain your force, all is well.

Line 543 / Epiphany
Experience takes care of things. Don't worry.

Line 614 / Achievement Unlocked
You have been running wild, you have been doing damage. It can't be changed. Accept it, and move on.