how to play

Your heart knows your worth.

Money symbolizes worth.

Pick three coins of the same value, they will be your oracle.

The oracle can be consulted every time you are in confusion or doubt. It hands out advice.

Throw your coins. This is your first choice.

Draw a line. Here is the first matrix:

three heads [9] a fixed strategy, too rigid. change.

one heads, two tails [8] a fixed strategy

one tails, two heads [7] a flexible strategy

three tails [6] a flexible strategy, undecided. choose.

the lines look as follows:

9: an unbroken line, marked with a circle

8: an unbroken line

7: a broken line

6: a broken line, marked with a cross

Throw the coins five more times. Each line rests on top of the previous one, building the stack from the bottom up. The structure you are constructing represents your current situation. It is called a hexagram.

The oracle tells you where the situation you are currently experiencing is weak, where it can be changed for the better. if you receive more than one changing/choosing line, pick only one. this decision will bring the best outcome. here's how to choose the appropriate decision:

if there are two decisions of the same type [6 or 9], decide the lower one

if there are two decisions of different types, decide the one that brings change [6]

if there are three decisions, decide the middle one

if there are four decisions, they are distracting you from what's obvious. decide the lower of the unchanging lines [7 or 8]

if there are five decisions, the distractions become obvious. decide the only thing left to change

if none of the lines change, this is not a decision to be made now

if all of the lines change, consulting the oracle has already triggered the change in you. consult only the approaching situation.

The decision you make will lead you into the future. Its line changes into its opposite, and creates a second hexagram, which tells you about the situation you are approaching. The oracle prepares you for the road up ahead.

Each hexagram contains your intentions and your actions. The lower three lines represent your internal refinement, your attitude towards the problem. The upper three lines represent your actions, your steps to solving the problem. There are only eight possible combinations of lines that make up each of the three-line halves. They represent eight basic life skills. The oracle trains you into developing these skills in real life. It trains you to make better decisions, by asking you to choose over and over again to act as a human.

The oracle directs your awareness towards your actions and intentions. It helps you figure out solutions on your own. It is built to be used less and less as time wears on, building up your core knowledge to handle life.

Each of the skills has a specific character. Experience will teach you how you approach them. Pay attention.

Heaven [Power] 8-8-8

Lake [Movement] 8-8-7

Fire [Attachment] 8-7-8

Thunder [Transgression] 8-7-7

Wind [Headspace] 7-8-8

Water [Fear] 7-8-7

Mountain [Discipline] 7-7-8

Earth [Empowerment] 7-7-7

Once you reach the Epilogue, you are allowed to read the entire book.

Are you ready to play?

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